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Top 5 Norwegian Releases In 2010

Still around 20 days to go until 2010 is over. But since people already started to post their favourite albums, songs, tv-moments, movies, books, vacations and whatever, I will follow this trend and present you now the five most special and extraordinary album releases from Norway (as you might have noticed: I love Norwegian music!!) of this year.

And remember that Christmas is coming soon, so maybe you find a nice gift among these CD's. To your luck, all of the albums are available on (where you can order from many European countries). Anyway.. here we go. My favourite Norwegian album releases.

1. Post - Common Rand Of People

After listening to this record several times during the last months and writing a enthusiastic review on my MySpace page (BTW: MySpace started to suck!!) it's probably not surprising that Common Rand Of People made a high rank in my listing. It's the way they put their songs together, the controlled chaos and the wide range of instruments used that make their sound so unique.
You will just feel the urge to replay the album over and over again without really knowing why - and this is what I love about it so much.

Common Rand Of People consists of ten piercing, thrilling and electronically flavoured pop songs and is at the same time the debut record of Post. The record can be bought on and on iTunes.

Released: 27th of September 2010 with Karmakosmetix Records

2. Thelma and Clyde - White Line

Another debutalbum I can't get enough of. Finally hearing the songs of the Norwegian electronica / electropop duo I've been waiting for so long. And they didn't let me wait in vain. Now, just about a month ago they came up with this (as the Norwegians would say) "kjempeflott" album. Think of all you always wanted to hear and all you didn't know you wanted - you'll find it on White Line. Perfectly mixed by Jan Bang and Erik Honoré and enriched with lots of samples the album will make you dance and shiver with the lyrics and beats while you get soaked into this mysterious and gloomy bubble. 
If you read my blog regulary you might have noticed that I also wrote a more extended review about the album - it's because it's really good, cool and new. 

Put White Line on top of your wishlist, you won't regret it. And don't be surprised if you crave for more once you listened to the full record. Buy the album on or iTunes.

Released: 8th of November 2010 with Karmakosmetix Records

3. Anne Lene Hägglund - Bird Cherry Grove

I bought this album although I had heard only one song of it ("Big Men") - therefore I didn't know what I would get. How I would describe the sound? It's a combination of bitter-sweet reality and fluffy fairytales. It reminds me a lot of.... of circus music: These pop-flavoured songs are enriched with violins, organ-sounds, glockenspiel, bowed instruments and percussion full of cymbals and drum rolls and lead to thoughts of red-yellow striped tents, dancing elephants, fire-breathers and sword-swallowers - that makes it so special. 
I've never heard something like this and even listening to the album up and down won't make me get tired of it. 

Buy Bird Cherry Grove on or iTunes if you're in mood for odd and twisted fairytales. 

Released: 11th of January 2010 with Swingaround Records

4. Grande - You Are The Night

It's some of the finest music you'll get to hear from Norway. A travel in time. Cigar smoke in a piano bar where men would wear suits and women pearl necklaces, scotch and brandy would be served or a car chase on the high way. Grande is everything between the glorious 30s and 70s. The guitar, drumming, piano, bass playing blues and rock - all at once. Grande has some great skills as guitarist and songwriter and with his unique sound this album shouldn't be left unnoticed.

The music on You Are The Night will catch you - so you'll even feel nostalgic when you grew up in the 80s. Buy the album on or iTunes.

Released: 19th of April 2010 with Fabuloso Records

5. Elin Synnøve Bråthen - The Anchor And The Dream

What I love most about this album is that you can concentrate on the individual instruments or Elin Synnøve's voice that is capable of high and low pitches. The piano comes with crystall clear sound as well as the percussion and drums. The lyrics are tender and thoughtfull and combined with the music it creates a visual atmosphere. I think a great job has been done on arranging the songs on the album. And the most precious song (at least to me) is "My Honesty" - even after hearing the song countless times my heart would stop beating because of the drums, the piano makes me shiver and Elin's voice and the male choir gives me goosebumps.

So if you favour jazz flavoured pop, make sure to buy The Anchor And The Dream on or iTunes.

Released: 8th of March 2010 with Curling Legs

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