Thursday, September 15, 2011

K-town is The City

Kristiansand, Norway. Summer 2011. Empty streets make this city in the very south of Norway appear like a small village were everybody knows each other. Its inhabitants: a bunch of people that couldn't differ more from each other. It's a special atmosphere - odd but familiar, controversial but interesting, excentric but magnetic. And in the middle of all this: Hanne Kolstø.

The City is the first single of Hanne Kolstø's upcoming album "Riot Break". It's a nice grounded pop song of the gloomy kind and at the same time embracing - especially the samplings in the background. Tommy Olsson writes in Morgenbladet: "[...] I can't possibly be alone to have noticed this seldom quality of a feeling as if someone's caressing my hair and saying that everything's going to be okay [...]" That description suits the song pretty well I think.

And now the music video to The City is released. Directed by Fred Arne Wergeland who already directed a video to one of Hanne's songs some years ago: Slow Song by POST (one of the bands Hanne is working with). As I'm a person who loves good music videos and who loves videoediting, I come to say that I like the way the video was cut, the slight vignetting and lighting.

But you better watch for yourself and stay tuned for the album release on the 16th of September 2011.

Be the city with all the lights that never ever sleeps at night & ENJOY!!

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